Instep 5k Jogging Stroller

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Instep 5k Jogging Stroller


The 5K jogging stroller from Instep is one of the lowest priced strollers on the market. Currently available at around $100, this stroller is a no-frills alternative to those pricey and stylish strollers you see almost everywhere. The Instep 5K jogging stroller does the job, but misses some of the “extras” that make your exercise more convenient.

This stroller has a steel frame - less expensive to produce but heavier and more prone to rust than aluminum. The wheel rims are also steel - think of your old clunker bicycle and you get an idea of the weight of the 5K. This is not the only jogger instep has to offer.

Nevertheless, this stroller is not too bad when it’s being used for its main purpose - jogging. The rolling resistance is acceptable and it comes with the standard safety features such as 5 point harness system, hand brake, and parking brake.

But the standard equipment is all you get. There is no storage tray underneath the seat, the handle bar does not adjust to various heights, and the canopy is about as basic as you can get.

On the plus side, there is a fair sized storage pocket on the back of the seat, there is a folding mechanism that works quite well, the seat is reclinable and the design of the frame provides a comfortable ride for your child. Other features include removable seat fabric for cleaning, quick release wheels, safety tether, and a small pocket on the canopy for holding money or keys. The stroller comes with a one-year guarantee.

The 16” wheels are suitable for bumpy terrain
and the inflatable tires help to provide a comfortable ride while making the stroller easy to push. For the price, the 5K jogging stroller is a good buy. It allows you to get back into your exercise routine with a small investment.

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