Kool Stride Jogging Stroller

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Kool Stride Jogging Stroller


If you are serious about your jogging you need to get a jogging stroller with large diameter wheels. Many of the jogging strollers on the market have 16” wheels which are adequate for varied terrain. The Kool Stride jogging stroller, however, has 20” rear wheels which offer the advantage of less rolling resistance, greater comfort for your child, and more stability for the stroller.

There are 4 models of Kool Stride jogging strollers - 2 single strollers and 2 double strollers. They all have the Kool Stride trademark configuration - 2 20” rear wheels and 1 16” front wheel. They are suitable for running on grass and light trails, and can be pushed over soft surfaces like sand and gravel.

The Paramount model has an:

  • anodized aluminum frame,
  • pneumatic tires, a
  • 2-position reclining seat with
  • 5 point harness,
  •  lots of storage space and
  • a retractable canopy.

There is a hand brake with a parking lock and also a wrist tether to prevent the stroller from getting away from you.

The Paramount, like all of Kool Stide’s jogging strollers folds up with an easy to use folding mechanism, and the wheels are attached with a quick-release mechanism. It has a maximum weight capacity of 85 pounds.

The Senior model has many of the same features of the Paramount at a slightly better price. It is the ideal stroller for joggers, walkers, and runners who wish to keep up with their routine after the birth of their child.

The Senior can be used off road thanks to the 20” rear wheel design, and the frame is especially constructed with a 5 degree camber on the rear wheels for added stability and comfort for your child.

Kool Stride also makes a double stroller - the Lil’ Deuce. This model is available in choice of frame materials. The steel frame offers strength and stability but weighs in at the high end. If you want the same high quality frame design it is also available in an aluminum ally frame at a premium cost.

The Lil’ Deuce jogging strollers have side-by-side seating and an extra-large storage tray under the seats for all those extra things you need when going on outings with small children. It is ideal for training or as an all round stroller.

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