Maclaren Jogging Stroller

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Maclaren Jogging Stroller


The Maclaren company is well-known as the developer of the original “umbrella stroller” - those fabulous folding strollers that take up about the same space as an umbrella when folded. They have recently added the Maclaren jogging stroller to their line and true to form this stroller also offers convenience and comes with loads of features.

First off, though, this stroller comes with 12” wheels - too small for jogging on anything but smooth road surfaces. If you are looking for a stroller that can handle a variety of terrains like grass, sand or gravel you need a model with at least 16” wheels.

That said, the Maclaren jogging stroller is versatile enough for your regular workout as well as manouvering through shopping aisles. It has a fixed front wheel - to steer the stroller around tight spots it is necessary to pop the front wheel, but the lightweight design makes this easy to do.

Another thing that makes this jogging stroller easy to steer is its compact size. The length of the stroller is just 45” but is still offers adequate stability because the weight of your child is placed low between the two back wheels.

The Maclaren jogging stroller has a folding mechanism that is easy to operate with one hand. It folds up into a remarkably compact package and the wheels can be removed for even greater space saving.

Other features include an adjustable handle so that adults of various heights can comfortably use this stroller. There is lots of storage space in the under-seat tray as well as pockets which are designed to hold keys, cell phones and other essentials for your outing.

A nice feature is the rain cover which folds out from the canopy. Although it doesn’t completely enclose the seating area it does provide enough protection in a light rain.

Bottom line - this is a stylish and functional stroller ideal for city use. Although not aimed at the serious jogger it offers lots of features which makes it an ideal all-round jogging stroller.

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