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Manhatten Jogging Stroller


The Manhatten FSW Jogging Stroller by Dreamer Designs is one jogging stroller that has it all. Not only will it make your jogging experience a pleasure, but will all the extra features you will have a wonderful outing any time. This is the perfect stroller for jogging or just walking around the park or the mall.

The Manhatten jogging stroller is made with a very light weight welded alloy that makes the frame very easy to maneuver and the one step compact fold makes it a breeze to fold up and put away.

Both parents will absolutely love the padded height adjustable handle. This will be great so anyone that wishes to take the baby for a ride can adjust the handle for them giving them more comfort for their arms and hands. Your baby will enjoy the smooth ride and the fully rotating bubble canopy will protect your little one from the harmful UV rays of the sun. The canopy also includes a mesh sunshade, side ventilation and a viewing window. It is also weather resistant that is just awesome in case it begins to sprinkle rain while you are out.

The 12 inch alloy wheels help with all terrains so you can enjoy jogging on a path or strolling through the grass. Those pesky curbs are also not a problem with the Manhatten jogging stroller.

The Manhatten jogging stroller has a nice large footplate for the added comfort of your little one. This will help keep his legs from falling asleep and making him uncomfortable. The reclining seat is also a wonderful feature that you and your baby will love. You will love the firm support that has been designed into the seat and your little one will enjoy his nap while you enjoy your walk.

The five point harness system of the Manhatten jogging stroller is great. It allows your little one to still observe the world around him without the worry of him leaning to far forward and falling out.

A great extra feature that most jogging strollers does not have is the behind the seat water bottle holders. The Manhatten jogging stroller also has many extra storage areas to give you many ways to carry all the items you need to take for the day. The storage basket under the seat is also great for larger items or even extra blankets.

The Manhatten jogging stroller comes with a twenty year warranty. This is one jogging stroller that was designed to last until you no longer need to have your baby in a stroller at all.

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