Safari Double Jogging Stroller

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Safari Double Jogging Stroller


Parents of twins or two small toddlers may be envious of those who are zipping around the neighborhood with their jogging strollers, but no more! Schwinn has come out with the reasonably priced Safari Double Jogging Stroller - the ideal way for parents to keep in shape while taking their little ones for an outing.

It’s true that there are other double jogging strollers on the market but they tend to extravagantly pricey. Parents of small children have enough expenses without thinking of dropping $600 or $700 on a stroller. The Safari is priced to suit most budgets and offers many of the same features as its more expensive cousins.

The one thing it does not have is an aluminum frame. This is the main reason for its low cost - aluminum is an expensive material to use. The steel frame of the Safari Double jogging stroller, however, is strong and resilient if a bit on the heavy side.

The Safari is a side-by-side design - the preferred choice of many parents. You can get double strollers that position the children in line with each other but this seating arrangement has some problems. For one, the child in the back has the opportunity to kick and pull the hair of the child in front - an endless source of grief for any parent who is trying to concentrate on their rhythm.

Another convenient feature of the Safari Double is the swivel front wheel. This makes the stroller much more versatile. The wheel can be fixed in position for jogging on straightaways but can be used in the swivel position at the shopping mall or in tight places.

Each seat on the Safari reclines independently so if one child feels like taking a nap while the other is full of energy both can be seated in a comfortable position. Each seat has a 5-point harness system and there is also a front belly bar to keep your children even more secure.

There’s lots of storage space on this stroller and it folds up easily with a mechanism that can be operated with one hand. The wheels are attached with a quick-release so taking the stroller down is simple and fast.

The Safari comes with an adequate canopy for sun protection but for rainy days you are going to have to buy a separate rain cover.

The only complaint we have about this stroller (besides being on the heavy side) is the lack of a hand brake and tether strap. Going down a hill without these items can be a bit frightening - but so far no accidents have been reported with the Safari Double.

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