Safetech Double Jogging Strollers

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Safetech Double Jogging Stroller


Spring has arrived! Itís beautiful outside, and you just have to get outdoors. Thereís only one small problem. You have two little angels that just canít be out of your sight. What do you do? Safetech offers a solution with the safetech double jogging stroller.

I know that just the thought of dragging two squirming youngsters plus one oversized stroller already has you tired out, but the safetech double jogging stroller is easy to handle. With just a few quick moves, itís folded and ready for storage or transportation. Only 24 pounds, its lightness is a comfort to a busy mother.

No more struggling to push an unwielding ďvehicleĒ over rocks and rough terrain! This strollerís solid wheels maneuver well over different types of terrain. If you enjoy country scenery or prefer a jog on a busy sidewalk, the safetech double jogger stroller is just right for you.

With an amazingly easy-to-assemble 5-poing safety harness, the safetech double jogging stroller is a safe environment for children to enjoy a ride in. The straps hook over the shoulders to provide safety. They are padded, which gives comfort and prevents soreness of the shoulders. A strong aluminum alloy frame provides durability. The sturdy frame also gives extra stability. The strong braking system prevents your children from slipping away while you take a quick sip of water.

The safetech double jogging stroller consists of three different levels of recline. A totally laid-back recline is perfect for sleepy children. You can promote your childrenís imaginations with a regular seat from which they can observe the beauties of this marvelous world in which we live. Two large baskets hold the multitude of necessities an active mother is required to carry.

Now, just enjoy the soft, warm breeze kissing your face as you jog! No more worries about safety as you trot along the way. Take the time to lance around and gaze at the scenery. Notice the simple things in life. Be thankful for the liberation your body feels after exercising away the stress that life sometimes lays on your shoulders. Take advantage of the freedom that comes boxed with your safetech double jogging stroller.

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