Trek Jogging Stroller

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Trek Jogging Stroller


Trek is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality bicycles and they have recently expanded into the stroller field. Each Trek jogging stroller model is well designed with a variety of features that make them some of the best jogging strollers on the market.

Trek has been able to adapt their bicycle expertise to the jogging stroller. The frames are made of aluminum composites for the ideal combination of strength and light weight. The wheels also have aluminum rims and are attached to the frame with a quick release mechanism.

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The entire stroller folds up into a compact package, but if you have a small trunk you may have to take the wheels off to fit the stroller in. Completely folded down the stroller can easily store in a closet or cupboard.

Serious joggers will appreciate the 20” wheels on the Trek Dash Pro model. They make the stroller easy to push and can be used on a variety of terrain while still providing a comfortable ride for your child. This model has a open front which gives you unobstructed access to you child, and the canopy can be folded down to protect the seating area from rain and wind.

This Trek jogging stroller has an adjustable handlebar, a reclining seat, and plenty of storage area. With a weight capacity of 75 pounds you will get a lot of use out of this stroller until your child outgrows it.

The Trek Dash has 16” wheels and many of the same features as the Pro model. The shorter wheelbase of the Dash makes it easier to steer in tight places. This stroller is an ideal all-round model - it can be used for serious jogging as well as trips to the supermarket.

Besides strollers Trek also has a line of bicycle trailers. Some of these can be converted to strollers with one of Trek’s conversion kits.

The is the standard conversion kit which converts a trailer into a 4-wheel stroller suitable for strolling, and the jogger conversion kit which is used to convert a trailer into a jogging stroller.

These products are ideal for parents who like to go bicycle camping or simply take their children on extended bicycle rides.

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