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Triple Jogging Stroller


Three is a charm! If youíve been blessed with triplets or have three children close together in age, you wonít need to worry about missing out on the outdoors with a triple jogging stroller. Itís time to get out there and walk or jog your way to a healthier you.

One of the best ways to get a good start on a fitness program that will motivate you to stick with it, is to chart your goals and progress. Keep the chart near your triple jogging stroller so that youíll have visual evidence of the rewards that packing up three children brings. Itís motivating to chart the positive changes in your body as you watch the hours or miles mount up.

Chances are that with three youngsters in tow, you donít have a lot of spare time or energy. Set reasonable goals for yourself. You understandably wonít be able to spend hours each day pushing along your triple jogging stroller, but a goal of twenty or thirty minutes three times a week is feasible. Be realistic, youíre more likely to stick with it!

Load up your triple jogging stroller and head outdoors for a more efficient workout. Itís much more interesting to watch nature, and the fresh air will do you good. It is believed that walking or jogging outdoors actually burns more calories than the same amount of activity on a treadmill. Additionally, when itís more interesting you are more likely to stick with the program.

Triple jogging strollers are designed to be lightweight and easy to maneuver. Youíll want to shop around for the best brands on the market: Baby Jogger, Bob Jogging Strollers, Dreamer Design, Graco, InStep, Kool-Stride, and Tike Tech. Remember that youíre investing in the freedom to become healthier Ė not to mention getting back into those ďpre-babyĒ clothes!

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