Triple Jogging Strollers

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Triple Jogging Stroller


Most jogging strollers are designed for one child, although there is a good selection of double models available. But what if you have 3 small children? Are you out of luck for a jogging stroller? No! Parents also have the option of a triple jogging stroller.

Although not available in the same broad range as single or double strollers, triple jogging strollers are the ideal solution for those with triplets or 3 toddlers. The main difference of triple strollers is that they have 4 wheels instead of three. This gives them the stability necessary for the extra width.

Two of the most popular manufacturers of triple jogging strollers are Mountain Buggy and Baby Jogger. The Baby Jogger strollers feature a narrow wheel base for the front wheels, but the Mountain Buggy models have a stable 4 x 4 design that places the front wheels at the same width as the rear ones.

Both brands have fixed front wheels. Again - this adds to the stability of the stroller and is the best design for serious jogging. On the downside, fixed wheels are harder to steer in tight places - it’s probably not a good idea to take these strollers to a crowded shopping mall.

Baby Stroller triple strollers have 16” wheels - perfect for jogging on a wide variety of terrains. The Mountain Buggy strollers have 12” wheels making them less suitable for off road jogging. Both types have inflatable bicycle style wheels that provide the most comfort for your passengers.

The folding mechanism on any jogging stroller is one of the most important features. There’s no way you want to be struggling with complicated latches and releases when you have your hands full with one child let alone three. We are happy to report that both Baby Stroller and Mountain Buggy excel in their release designs. They are easy to operate and can be managed with just one hand.

Triple strollers are more expensive than single or double strollers. The extra cost is justified in the use of materials and the added strength needed to hold three children. When shopping for any kind of stroller make sure it is comfortable for your child and provides adequate safety features like 5 point harness systems and parking brakes.


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