Zooper Jogging Stroller

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Zooper Jogging Stroller


Zooper makes some of the most attractive jogging strollers available. Their attention to detail and thoughtful design makes them convenient for mom and dad and comfortable for your child. The only drawback - a Zooper jogging stroller is not really made for serious joggers. Still if we talk about quality, with Zooper you get it. These stroller are all undergoing rigorous testing at durability, like a 1000 mile mountain track and a 3000 mile flat road roll.Zooper Zydeco single stroller

So if you are a serious jogger, volunteer as a jogger tester.... the only drawback is that the company is based in New Zealand.

The Zooper Specifics

the main model from this company are

The 12” inch wheels on Zooper jogging stroller are fine for hard paved surfaces, and the reclining frame design is made to smooth out bumps. But these strollers are not really made to be taken off-road.

Zooper strollers also lots of storage space for baby stuff and carrying purchases. There is a good-sized under seat tray that is accessible even when the seat is in the fully-reclined position. There are also pockets for carrying keys, money, and cell phones. In addition, both child and parent have trays for holding drinks or other items.

Safety features include a 5-point harness system, hand brake, foot brake for parking, tether strap to prevent the stroller from getting away from you, adjustable sun canopy, and easy to operate folding mechanism.

The seat can be positioned either front-facing or rear-facing. This is idea if you get the stroller while your child is still an infant. She can have the security of keeping mom and dad in view and as she gets older the seat can be switched so she can see the world passing by.

There are lots of accessories available for Zooper jogging strollers including rain enclosures, covers for bug protection, snugglers for keeping baby warm and comfortable and handle bar consoles. Zooper strollers accept most brands of car seats making them the ideal complement to a travel system.

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