Maclaren Stroller - Easy to use and very sturdy

Maclaren Stroller - Easy to use and very sturdy

Maclaren strollers were the first to change the pram into a convenient and easy to use stroller. Owen Maclaren helped to develop the design of the Spitfire fighter plane undercarriage so he had the knowledge of lightweight, rigid, load-bearing structures capable of folding neatly. This gave him the inspiration to build a wonderful stroller or buggy.

Today, because of Maclaren Strollers we can enjoy many easy and convenient strollers today. These strollers are very portable and easy to store, most folding in an umbrella style that will allow you to store it away in a corner or small closet.

Maclaren Strollers has several lines to choose from including Volvo - go fast, Quest – simple pleasures, Mac 3 – all terrain, Techno Classic – the sophisticate, Rally Twin - ready, set, go, Kate Spade, Triumph – life is a race, Ryder – baby chic, Techno XT – master of the road, Global Buggy – have it all, and Twin Traveller – safe haven.

The Volvo Maclaren Strollers are great for parents on the go. This stroller is easy to push with dual swivel wheels which help with maneuverability. The 5 point safety harness system is the best forMaclaren Volo keeping baby in his seat without causing discomfort. It is very easy to fold and carry with a shoulder strap.

The Quest Maclaren strollers have the same basic features as the Volvo. This wonderful stroller also has a 4 position reclining seat and head rest. This is a great feature for children when they need a nap.

The Mac 3 Maclaren Strollers are wonderful because of the all terrain features. This stroller can be taken off the level and pavement for enjoying walking around the park without staying on the paths. Cobblestone sidewalks are also no problem with this stroller.

The Techno Classic Maclaren Stroller has it all including a large hood with sun visor and viewing window. Storage pockets are great for carrying everything you need for the day’s trek. An added bonus is the rain cover and shopping basket.

The Rally Twin Maclaren Strollers are awesome for parents of twins. This stroller still has all the wonderful features of a single stroller. You will be amazed at how easy it is to fold and store away.

The Kate Spade Mclaren Strollers are one of a kind. The design and fabric that is used is as unique as the stroller itself. This stroller has a one hand fold system that also makes it a must have. You can hold your baby and fold the stroller and put it in the trunk at the same time.

All Maclaren Strollers will give you a wonderful way of transporting your child all over town.

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