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The Maclaren Twin Traveler One of the Best Twin Strollers


Parents of young children face many challenges. If there are two small children close in age the challenges are doubled. Anything that eases the workload is welcomed and appreciated. The Maclaren Twin Traveler stroller is a product that can make life easier for parents.

The Maclaren Twin Traveler stroller carries two children at the same time. Each seat is fully reclinable making it suitable for newborns, and it can hold up to 40 lbs. in each seat.

This stroller is one of the famous Maclaren umbrella strollers and as such it folds up into a compact package. Although the Maclaren Twin Traveler stroller is a bit bulkier than a single seat stroller, it still folds up into the size of a golf bag.

The Maclaren Twin Traveler stroller weighs just 26.8 lbs. yet is sturdy and strong thanks to its aluminum tubing structure. Each seat is adequate in size for a small child yet the whole stroller will still fit easily through a standard door frame.

Each seat on the Maclaren Twin Traveler can be adjusted independently to one of five reclining positions. The quilted seats are comfortable for your children and can be easily removed for washing.

The adjustable five-point harness system ensures the highest level of safety for your children, and the swivel wheels can be locked to keep the Maclaren Twin Traveler stroller in place.

Each seat on the Maclaren Twin Traveler stroller has its own hood for sun protection. There are storage pockets incorporated into the hoods which allow you to bring along a few necessities.

The Maclaren Twin Traveler's stroller comes with head huggers to provide the extra padding that a newborn baby requires. As your baby gets bigger, the pads can be removed.

Unlike twin strollers from many other manufacturers, the Maclaren Twin Traveler comes standard with a rain hood. Another handy item that is included with the stroller is a shopping basket.

The Maclaren Twin Traveler stroller is more expensive than many other brands. Parents who have bought this stroller, however, almost unanimously praise it for its features and convenience. If you have two small children, the Maclaren Twin Travel or stroller is well worth looking at.

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