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Peg Perego Battery Operated Vehicles


Your toddler will absolutely love being the engineer of the Peg Perego Battery Operated Santa Fe Express. This is one awesome toy that will keep your child busy for hours while also allowing them the fun of learning new motor skills. This unique toy will allow your child to drive the Santa Fe Express on smooth surfaces or on a track specially designed for this battery operated vehicle. This wonderful toy comes with a 6-volt rechargeable battery and charger; that will help keep your little one going and going. Your child will love steering the Santa Fe Express and using the gear shift for one gear. Donít worry though he can only go to speeds up to 1.5 MPH. But, in his imagination he will be zooming all over the house.

Another great Peg Perego Battery Operated vehicle is the Santa Fe Train Set it has all of the wonderful features as the Santa Fe Express but it also has a cute caboose attached to the rear of the train that helps your childís imagine soar. He can give his teddy bear a ride and take him to different destinations. This also uses the 6 volt rechargeable batter which is included.

Other options for both Peg Perego Battery Operated train sets are: An oval train track or a figure 8 train track and extra batteries and chargers.

Have your 2 to 4 year old experience the great outdoors with the Peg Perego Battery Operated Polaris Sportsman 500. This is one awesome ride on toy that will bring adventures into the life of your toddler. The driving wheels will allow him to drive on most surfaces including asphalt, tile, cement, grass and even up small hills with an incline of 5%. This toy also uses a 6 volt rechargeable battery and charger that are included. This toy also uses one gear but has an accelerator and brake pedal all in one.

As your child gets a little older and can maneuver quite well he would love to have the Peg Perego Battery Operated John Deere Power Pull. This will bring him many hours of fun and excitement. This drivable toy will go up and down hills, has a 2 gear gearshift which will allow him to drive at speeds of 2.4 MPH and 4.8 MPH, and also has a reverse, so he can back up to get his load on the trailer that is included. Uses a 12-volt rechargeable battery and charger which is included.

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