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Peg Perego parts and accessories


If you are looking for Peg Perego parts and accessories that will match your
other Peg Perego products you will be fascinated to know that they have many
wonderful options for many of their products.

Peg Perego parts and accessories can be found at most locations where you purchase the major items.

For the Peg Perego highchair you can also find two nice parts or accessories that go with the highchair for added convenience. The activity tray will keep your child busy playing with a phone dial, phone handset, turning key, a throttle lever, and a few more items. It is made of durable plastic and is easily removed from the highchair when not it use. The activity tray does not fit the Peg Perego Dondolino high chair.

Here is the overview of Peg Perego and its parts

A wonderful part that is an option for the Peg Perego highchairs is the dinner tray. This is a very unique idea that will aid in dinner time. The dinner tray is easily attached to the tray of the highchair. This way your little one will not be able to accidentally knock their tray of food off of the highchair. It also has a cup holder for your child’s drink. This dinner tray was also not made for use with the Peg Perego Dondolino high chair.

Looking at Peg Perego parts and accessories for their stroller line will be fun. They have so many different options to choose.

If you enjoy walks during the evening hours the Peg Perego Mosquito Netting is a nice Peg Perego accessory to have. The mosquitos may be out but you can protect you infant from any type of flying bugs with this mosquito netting. The netting comes with a zipper that easily attaches to the hood of the Pliko P3 and the Atlantico strollers. The netting folds up into a pouch that can also be attached to the stroller when not in use, but are close at hand when needed.

Peg Perego even has more wonderful ideas, Diaper bags that will match perfectly with any of their strollers. You will be able to find one that matches the same color fabric as your child’s stroller. This wonderful Peg Perego parts and accessories come with a changing pad. This is really a time saver, having the changing pad in your diaper bag.

Another cool Peg Pergo parts and accessories is the backpack, it comes with coordinating fabric colors that will also match any of the Peg Perego strollers. It has plastic lining that is more hygienic and is so much easier to clean. It also comes with a convenient changing pad.

An adult cup holder is one great Peg Perego parts and accessories that should not be overlooked. It attaches to the handle of the stroller. You will be able to carry your own water bottle or favorite drink.

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