Peg Perego Polaris Sportsman 700

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Peg Perego Polaris Sportsman 700


If your child is adventurous and loves the outdoors he/she will absolutely love the grown-up feeling they will get when riding on the Peg Perego Polaris Sportsman 700. This is as real as the big boy toys accept safe for little ones from age 3 to 8 years old.

The Peg Perego Polaris Sportsman 700 will take your child on adventures through grass, dirt, or pavement. They control the speed and action with an on/off foot pedal and a two speed gearshift that will allow them to speed at 2.5 mph or 5 mph forward and in reverse only 2.5 mph and it comes with an automatic braking system. All wheels have suspension that will ensure a smooth ride while on most terrains.

The Peg Perego Polaris Sportsman 700 comes with a rechargeable battery, dual high performance 12 volt motors and yes the gearshift is real. Features include: Two speed 2.5 or 5 mph plus reverse, All terrain adventurous, Foot pedal on/off with automatic brakes, Front and rear suspension, Totally enclosed body, wiring, motor and gearbox, Extra large seat, Front and rear luggage racks, Extra large ATV wheels, and a Crank up winch.

The vehicle warranty for the Peg Perego Polaris Sportsman 700 is 12 month limited. The battery and recharger warranty is 6 months limited. The dimensions are 531 x 34h x 33d.

Your little one will enjoy the storage racks that will allow him to bring baby and jogging strollers home all of his found treasures from his adventures. With the large seat and the weight capacity being 130 pounds, he may even be able to take along a friend on one of his adventures which will even thrill him more. You will be able to find this excellent Peg Perego Polaris Sportsman 700 online for under $400. The durability and longevity of the Peg Perego Polaris Sportsman 700 is just what you would imagine from any Peg Perego product.

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