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Safety 1st is a well-known company that manufactures all types of baby and child products. They carry everything from toys to potties

 and furniture from car seats to high chairs. There's a good selection of Safety 1st strollers designed to meet the needs of parents today.
All Safety 1st strollers are designed to easily fold into a compact package.

Amazon has the best collection of Safety 1st products and strollers we could find. If you have Ideas please let us know.

The folding mechanism can be operated with just one hand -- a necessity when your hands are full with groceries and babies.

Safety 1st strollers are sporty looking and come in attractive color combinations. All models have a hood for keeping the sun out of baby's eyes.

Safety 1st strollers are made with aluminum tubing combining strength and lightweight. They are easy to push and feature large lockable wheels. The front wheels swivel for maximum maneuverability in tight places.

Safety 1st strollers are suitable for newborns and children up to age three or four. They have reclinable seats and foot rests for bigger children. Some models can accommodate car seats for maximum convenience when traveling.

The Safety 1st Tandem strollers allow you to carry two children at the same time and the seats can be adjusted so that the face each other or face forward. The rear seat can be converted into an infant carrier making this the perfect stroller when your second child arrives.

Safety 1st strollers have five-point harness systems to keep your children secure at all times. The seat pads are easy to remove and can be washed in the washing machine. Most models have convenient trays for both child and parent. Both trays have drink holders.

Safety 1st strollers have a unique folding mechanism called the “Fold ‘n Stand” system. It can be operated with one hand and the stroller is free standing in the folded position. Very convenient for busy parents who need their hands free!

There are 11 models of Safety 1st strollers in total, including the three wheel jogging stroller. With this selection, you're sure to find a Safety 1st stroller that exactly suits your needs!

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