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Snap N Go Double Stroller


Are you seeking a great stroller that will work for your twins? Well, the Snap N Go Double Stroller may be just what you are looking for.

This Snap N Go Double Stroller is great for attaching your infant car seat. This way you do not have to disturb your little ones when moving them from car to stroller, just take your car seats and snap them into the stroller and you are set to go. Most car seats will work with this stroller.

The Snap N Go Double Stroller has front suspension that will help your infants have a smooth ride and not feel all the bumps on the sidewalk. The dual lockable front swivel wheels will help you maneuver the stroller with more ease than you could imagine. The tires are made with hard rubber and are 7 inches in diameter. The larger the wheels the easier to use on most terrains. The handles are great, they are padded which is an added comfort for your hands and wrists. Rear brakes are on both wheels.

The frame of the Snap N Go Double Stroller is made with durable steel that will give you more time to enjoy and use the stroller. The stroller will still be in great shape when your children no longer have need for an infant stroller.

The large mesh storage basket of the Snap N Go Double Stroller; under the seat is great for carrying everything you may need to keep your twins entertained during your walk, snack, toys, and even extra blankets. You can also use this basket when shopping to put items that your purchased.
The removable parent tray of the Snap N Go Double Stroller is an added feature that you do not see with many strollers it even has two cupholders!

When you need to transport the Snap N Go Double Stroller it folds in a two step motion and can easily fit in a standard trunk. At baby and jogging strollers home it is compact enough to fit in the hall closet.

The Snap N Go Double Stroller is great for a travel system for your twins.

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