Top 10 mistakes when buying a jogging stroller

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Top 10 mistakes when buying a jogging stroller


One of the most important purchases every new parent must make is a good quality stroller. One of the most popular types of strollers on the market is the jogging stroller. A good, sturdy well built jogger allows mom to get some exercise while the baby gets the fresh air and sunshine he or she needs to thrive. There are some mistakes that many new parents make when shopping for a good stroller. Some of the most common are listed below.

1) Not buying the best you can afford - A cheap stroller is only a bargain if it is sturdy and reliable. Most of the time, paying a little more for the will help you ensure that the stroller is a good brand name, sturdy, reliable and of the highest possible quality.

2)Not buying a convertible jogger- When buying a any travel system, one of the best things to do is to buy a stroller which can double as a car seat and a baby carrier. Many of the best jogging strollers feature a snap in car seat and baby carrier, and this allows them to do triple duty. If you purchase a jogging stroller without this feature, you may spend more in the long run buying a separate car seat and baby carrier.

3)Buying a one with very limited capacity - It is important that a you have plenty of storage space on the bottom or on the handles. This will allow parents on the go to store frequently used items such as baby wipes, towels or cups and have them all within easy reach.

4)Buying off brand - While name brand jogging strollers can have quality defects as well, a good quality name brand item is much more likely to be sturdy, long lasting and reliable. In addition, a good quality company will be more likely to stand behind their product should something go wrong.

5)Buying something that doesn't fit your needs - When you go out for a jogging stroller, it is vital to take all your needs into account. For instance, if you will be traveling by car often, you will look for a collapsible one. The same holds true for airplane travel. If you plan to travel by plane, be sure to find a stroller that is suitable for that use.

6)Getting a stroller in the wrong place - A jogging stroller is a major purchase, and it is important that the store at which you buy it be willing to stand behind the purchase in case there is a problem. Be sure to check the reputation of the online or brick and mortar store before making a purchase.

7 All jogging strollers will come with a rating for maximum weight and size of the child to be transported. And your child will grow. The best jogging strollers are those that can grow and adapt with your child. Some of the best ones can do double duty as infant car seats, toddler car seats, and later even as booster seats for older children. A stroller or travel system that can grow and change with your child is the most cost effective solution for the long run.

8)Buying the first stroller you see - A jogging stroller is a major purchase, and buying one should not be done on impulse. Buying the first of anything you see is generally a mistake. The best way to go about choosing a quality jogging stroller is to research the various reviews and get recommendations from other parents.

9)Buying a stroller that is not collapsible - A good jogger should be easily foldable and easy to carry and transport, one that does not fold or collapse will be very difficult to carry from place to place.

10)Buying a stroller that is poorly made - Quality and safety are the most important considerations when you buy items you use to transport your child. A stroller that is poorly made will not be able to withstand the rigors of regular use.

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