Baby Bath Toys

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Baby Bath toys. Fun for Parent and Baby alike

Baby bath toys are not just for entertaining while you are giving your little one a bath. They can stimulate, educate and make bath time fun, imaginative, creative and inspire your baby in the learning process. These unique baby bath toys are wonderful for baby shower gifts or for the arrival of a new baby in your family. When you give these gifts, don’t leave out the grandparents either. They will need these wonderful toys when they are watching the baby for bath time.

Munchkin Zoomin' Bath Boat

Munchkin Zoomin' Bath Boat

Made for land or sea, this super-fun and colorful toy creatively teaches your child the basics of cause and effect. Simply pull the string and the boat zooms across the floor or the bath, no batteries required! Easy to pack in a diaper bag or suitcase, this adventurous dino is the perfect travel companion for baby.

Made in China Zoomin' Bath Boat

One of the best baby bath toys or accessories that help make bath time easier for parents and help the baby enjoy the experience is the Baby Bath Ease Infant Bath Cushion. The first two weeks of your little ones life they should not be submerged or laid in even a small amount of water. The umbilical cord needs time to heal and the bath water can cause an infection. If you use this awesome cushion for giving your baby a bath for the first two weeks you will ensure that the umbilical cord area can be cleaned properly without the fear of infection. This cushion is also great as your little grows to get them use to the bath tub.

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Now, you need terry cloth wash cloths for giving your baby a bath. Why not use Cuddly Bath Pals; they are more like baby bath toys than wash cloths. They are very adorable and when you squeeze their tummies the duck will quack and the penguin giggles. This will make bath time a fun experience.

As your little one gets older you can find some delightful baby bath toys that are just ingenious such as rubber ducks, fish, boats, and even toys that attach to the tub like Noah’s Ark. All of these unique toys will make taking a bath a fun time where you both will enjoy the time.

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