Air Travel with Babies


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Air Travel with Babies


For the first couple of months after your baby is born you will probably be too exhausted to even think about traveling. Once she reaches three or four months, though, your energy levels will be higher and you may wish to try a few longer excursions. If you have family and friends located in another city, you will probably be tempted to take your baby in an airplane. With a little bit of planning, air travel with babies can be easier than you think.

The key is preparation! Make sure you have plenty of baby travel products on hand. There's nothing worse than being in the middle of a flight only to find you have run out of diapers or extra clothes. Besides those essentials, you also need baby travel items like wipes, bags for dirty diapers, baby lotion, as well as medications like oral gels is to ease in teething pain and saline solution for a stuffy nose.

That's a lot of stuff! To keep it all organized, a baby travel bag and changer is the ticket! These large bags have several compartments for storing just about everything you need for baby air travel and can also be used to hold Mom’s keys and wallet.

Be sure to notify the airline when you book your tickets that you will be bringing your baby along. You may be able to get seats next to the bulkhead which provide more for storing all your baby travel products that you will have with you. Many airlines also provide a baby travel bassinet they can be attached to the bulkhead for your baby to sleep in.

Your baby will probably sleep during much of the flight, but make sure to feed her during takeoff and landing so that the sucking motion relieves the pressure on her eardrums. For those times during the flight when she is awake, have toys and books at hand to keep her amused.

It's always a good idea to keep a baby travel checklist for baby air travel. That way you will never forget any of the essential baby travel products that can ease your traveling. Bon voyage!

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