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Baby Air Travel


There's no doubt about it -- baby air travel can be a challenge! With a little bit of planning, though, you can have an enjoyable plane trip with a minimum of hassles.

Many airlines allow babies to travel for free if they sit on their parents lap. This is okay for short trips, but for longer air travel you may want to spring for the cost of an extra seat. Alternatively, you can try to get a flight which is not booked up. This will give you plenty of for you and your baby.

There are many baby travel accessories that make air travel with your baby much easier. A folding stroller helps you get around the airport. They don't take much space and can make your life much easier.

You should also have a baby travel bag and changer when you take your baby on an airplane. These are great for keeping everything close at hand. You can put diapers, clothes, toys, and snacks in the bag, and there is usually a separate laundry bag for dirty clothes.

When you book your flight, check to see whether the airline has a baby travel bassinet that you can use. These attach to the bulkhead wall and they give you much more space for you and your baby.

The cabin staff can help you by heating up food and bottles. Many airlines also supply toys for children to keep them occupied during the flight.

When you are traveling with a baby, you need to allow plenty of time to check in before your flight. If the boarding staff are alerted that you have a child with you, you can often be one of the first to board the plane.

On arrival, it's probably a good idea to let other passengers get off the plane before you. You are sure to have quite a few baby travel items with you which can hold up other passengers.

Baby travel does present some challenges, but don't deny yourself the pleasure of visiting friends and family after the arrival of a new baby. With a little bit of preparation and the proper baby travel gear your trip can be a joy!

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