baby travel systems

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Baby Travel Systems

From home to vehicle to shopping to pleasant walks in the park. Modern baby travel systems make it easy to include baby in your daily activities.

What Are Baby Travel Systems?

A baby travel system is a set that begins with something all parents-on-the-go need — an infant car seat. Generally, these are rear-facing seats that accommodate babies from newborn to 20 pounds. The base of the car seat is belted into your vehicle. The seat snaps securely onto the base. When you’ve reached your destination, the seat detaches from the base and does double duty as an infant carrier. To complete the ensemble, the infant carrier can be secured onto an included stroller. While some travel systems only include a stroller frame, those that include the larger stroller offer extra convenience as baby grows into a toddler. All in all, the best travel systems convert from car seat, to infant carrier, to infant stroller, to toddler stroller.

Instead of the traditional four-wheeled stroller, some travel systems include the three-wheeled jogging stroller. Although large front wheels and pneumatic tires offer a smoother ride for baby as you exercise, before you purchase, consider that the larger tires make the jogging strollers less maneuverable while shopping in tight-aisled stores.

Features to Look for in Your Baby Travel System

  • Ergonomic stroller handle - Some models also have adjustable handles that make it easy for parents of any height to push the stroller
  • Removable snack tray - Not really a necessity but a nice feature!
  •  Adjustable canopy - Protects baby from sun glare inside and also offers some protection from wind and rain outside of your vehicle.
  • Three-point harness — the three-point harness goes around the waist and between the legs. Although the five-point harness (also goes over the shoulders) is safer, even the better travel systems typically only feature the three-point.
  • Sturdy, stable, and well-balanced stroller - Stroller shouldn’t tip backwards easily even if you give a gently push on the handlebars.
  • Easy to fold for transport
  • Light weight

Baby Travel System Substitutions

Most modern baby car seats do detach from the base and double as an infant carrier. If you already have acquired a car seat, you can add to this convenience with a stroller frame. Some manufacturers make frames that will accommodate most major brands of car seats. However, to make sure that the model you choose fits your carrier, it’s a good idea to attach your infant carrier to one of these frames in the store. Also, consider that these frames are not inexpensive, since the better ones are generally priced from $50.00.

Baby travel systems make traveling with baby easier than ever before! As all new parents know, the hum of your vehicle’s motor combined with the forward motion frequently lulls baby to sleep. With a baby travel system, your little one can finish his nap without interruption. In addition, the combination of pieces make baby travel systems an economical way to acquire all the baby travel gear you need with a single purchase!

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