Icky Baby Travel Bed

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Icky Baby Travel Bed


Anyone with small children knows about the challenges involved when traveling. As well as the regular assortment of clothes and toys, babies often need to have baby travel beds to let them sleep safely and comfortably. Thankfully, Icky Baby has come up with a solution. The Icky Baby Travel Bed is perfect for overnight visits to Grandma or even extended trips.

The nice thing about travel beds (an overview) is that they give the child some feeling of home. And that can make a lot of difference in both the babies and the parents quality of sleep

Icky Baby makes all sorts of baby products, baby clothes and Baby Travel Systems. They are well known for their quality of construction and materials. Their travel bed is no exception -- it is made from cotton and flannel for maximum protection to your baby's skin.

The travel bed from Icky Baby consists of a pillow measuring 12" x 16" and a blanket measuring 42" x 60". It comes in its own convenient tote bag for carrying anywhere.

As one of Icky Baby's best sellers, it has a proven track record for long-distance trips or school nap time. Your baby can snuggle up just about anywhere without needing bulky travel cribs or a baby travel bed.

The only disadvantage to the travel bed from Icky Baby is the lack of supports for small newborns. If you are traveling with a small infant, you may be better off with a removable car seat/carrier that offers additional support and protection.

But for older children, Icky Baby has come up with an ideal solution. You can set up a comfortable baby travel bed almost anywhere with the assurance that your baby will be warm and comfortable.

The travel bed is available in a variety of patterns and colors. Everything from pink toile for the little lady to Roger Robot for the budding astronaut is available from Icky Baby.

These travel beds make great gifts for parents with young children, and are a popular present for grandmothers as well. Grandmas who don’t have the space for a permanent baby bed can use these travel beds whenever their darling grandchildren come over for a visit.


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