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Travel Cribs


When you are traveling with your baby, travel cribs make a convenient alternative to regular cribs. They fold up into a compact package which can be easily stored in the trunk of your car. When you arrive at your destination, they unfold in a few quick steps and voila you have a comfortable baby travel bed.

Portable cribs also make great play yards for small infants and they are light enough that you can take them with you almost anywhere you go.

You should exercise a bit of caution, though, when you are buying a portable bed for your baby. Older models have a locking mechanism that can come undone, making an unsafe V-shape that can trap babies necks.

Newer models of portable cribs have addressed this problem, but the bottom line is you should never leave your baby in a travel crib when the sides are collapsed. It's also a good idea to avoid using secondhand cribs -- the older models have caused several deaths so taking a chance is just not worth it.

Safe and modern portable cribs have fine mesh sides that prevent objects from getting stuck in them. They provide comfortable airflow while baby is sleeping and also allow you to see baby at all times.

If you are traveling with your baby, don't forget other necessary baby travel items such as baby travel stroller systems. These make it convenient to get around when you arrive at your destination and are light enough and portable enough to be taken anywhere.

Another baby travel product you should always have close at hand is a baby travel bag and changer. These roomy bags have several compartments for all kinds of necessities such as diapers, toys, formula, and extra clothes. There's also space for carrying Mom’s keys and money.

Always check baby travel accessories to make sure they are safe for your baby. Modern baby products are usually quite well designed to provide entertainment for your baby and peace of mind for you.

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