Peg Perego an Introduction

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The Peg Perego Skater Frame  or Why Stroll if You can Skate.

Peg Perego’s new slogan, Why Stroll if You can Skate is catchy and I like it.

The new Peg Perego Skate looks good, has style and is practical. We still have to figure out where the skates come in but no matter what, this is a product we are used to with Peg Perego. Primo Viagio on the Skate Frame

The Skater does what its made to do

It does what it’s made for has a High Class Design, Practicality and Looks. Together with the wide variety of companion products, the different fabrics available it’s a beauty.

Handy and Convenient Skate

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A very handy feature is if your baby falls asleep during a car ride simply snatch the car seat onto the frame of your skater and stroll (oeps skate away). The product we tested actually did this without a glitch. And that was a pleasant surprise because we tried out products promising this feature. But the whole procedure was so violent that “strolling with a sleeping baby”, turned out to “strolling with a crying baby”.

The Peg Perego Skater during Travel and Storage

The Foldet Skate Frame for Transport and StorageThe stroller easily collapses for transport or storage, this is a plus and once again The Peg Perego Skater does deliver, but is not unique.

The skate frame itself is an aluminum high quality framework that is the host for the adaptable seats, add-ons and car seats. The engineering of the frame looks good to us, though we are not engineers. Fact is it does what is says it will do.

The most important part about the skate frame in our opinion is that it really grows with your baby. For every age group there is a new line of companion seats and options available.

 In our opinion with the Skater Peg Perego has a winner.

For your information we added the Peg Perego Skater Fact Sheet as a downloadable pdf

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