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Baby Shoes - Their feet need to Develop as well

Baby shoes are often overlooked. While every parent is concerned with their baby's development, and usually spends hours every day stimulating their baby's curiosity, language development, and ensuring the best environment for health and safety. A part of baby development that is often overlooked are baby shoes and how they affect the future health of the foot.


Proper shoes for baby are important to avoid a whole range of foot problems that can affect adults. Ingrown toenails, calluses and bunions can all be traced to improperly fitted shoes for babies. With the correct information, parents can shop for all types of baby products including shoes to ensure the future health of their baby.

It is most important that shoes for babies fit properly. Since babies grow so quickly, they should have new shoes every three or four months. New shoes should have enough room for the foot to grow - allow about 5 cm between the big toe and the end of the shoe.

The sole of the baby shoe should be flat to provide the greatest stability for your baby. The sole should also be straight to match the shape of the baby's foot.

Velcro is very convenient for shoes for babies. No matter what the fastening material is, it should hold the heel firmly in place inside the shoe, so that the foot does not move from side to side or back-and-forth.

Try to choose natural materials when buying shoes for babies. Leather or canvas allows the foot to breathe and perspiration to escape. No matter what material the baby shoe is made from, make sure it has being finished with a safe dye - babies put everything in their mouths, including shoes.Kids need Toys

There are many shops that specialize in shoes for babies. It's a good idea to shop at stores like these, because the sales staff will be more knowledgeable and have more information about proper shoes for children and babies.

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