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Today we take them for granted. Umbrella strollers are such a common everyday item that we regard them as a necessity for any parents with small children. In fact, umbrella strollers are fairly recent invention from about 40 years ago. They were invented by 0wen MacLaren and were the first of many MacLaren strollers.

Umbrella strollers are the folding lightweight strollers that you seat everywhere. Their ingenious design of aluminum tubing and locking mechanisms provided a light weight stroller that made it much easier for parents to get around with their children. This basic design of stroller is still manufactured by Maclaren but there are now many more models of strollers.

All Maclaren strollers are folding strollers. They have a broad selection of different styles designed to suit any needs. There are even models that are designed for twins, and yes, these strollers are also folding models.

Maclaren strollers are constructed with strong aluminum tubing. The seating is fabric that is slung between the frames of the stroller. These strollers fold up to about the same size as an umbrella, which gives them their common name, umbrella stroller.

Maclaren strollers have won many awards for their innovative design and quality construction. Maclaren is continually developing new products incorporating the latest materials and concepts into some of the best strollers available today.

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