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Schwinn Strollers


We trust Schwinn to build the most durable and comfortable bicycles now we can trust them to build the best long lasting Schwinn strollers.

Schwinn Strollers are what is called jogging strollers. But, even if you do not jog and walk for fitness you will enjoy the lightweight and durability of these strollers.

In the line of strollers for just one child there are four wonderful strollers

  • The Schwinn M3 SC300 Single Jogging Stroller,
  • Schwinn SC100 Deluxe Single Jogging Stroller,
  • Schwinn Everyday Stroller Safari TT, and the
  • Schwinn Sport Utility Single Stroller.

The great features of these strollers are pneumatic tires with ball bearings which make for easy rolling and shock absorption, dual swivel front wheels for easy maneuverability, an adapter bar that will work with most infant car seats, adjustable height handles so each parent can enjoy pushing their child around town.

Your little one will still be able to rise up and look around without the worry of falling from the stroller.

Linked rear dual locking brakes are great for when you need a break.

These Schwinn strollers are very easy to fold up and put away when not in use. When folded they are very compact 28 x 22.5 x 23, just right for storing away in a corner or closet.

Schwinn also has a line of double strollers with twins in mind. Yes, you can still keep fit even with twins.

The double strollers are:

  •  the Schwinn SC200 Deluxe Double Jogging Stroller and the
  • Schwinn SC700 Sport Utility Double Stroller.

The features for the Schwinn SC700 Sport Utility Double Stroller include telescoping handles that will change into five positions, reclining seats for both children, large all terrain wheels, separate canopies for both seats, padded seat to give your twins more comfort, T-shield for buckling comfort, under the seat basket for storage space. When not in use the Sport Utility Stroller can be folded with an umbrella style and conveniently stored away.

The features of the Schwinn SC200 Deluxe Double Jogging Stroller are a vinyl weathershield that will protect your children from all types of weather, an insulated side bag with carrying straps that will ensure cold drinks for not just your children but for you also. The independent rear suspension will help your babies have a smooth ride over all types of terrain even cobblestone walkways.

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