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Baby Carriers

One of the best baby carriers on the market today is the Baby Bjorn. Convenience and comfort for you and your baby is what the Baby Bjorn is all about. This carrier is very easy to use, because all of the adjustments are in the front.

The wide padded straps will take the strain off of your back by distributing the weight evenly across your back. The front will open so you can lay your sleeping baby down during nap time for a more comfortable position. You can even move your baby in this position without disturbing his sleep.

This Carrier is great for babies from 21 inches long and weighing at least 8 pounds. This carrier can be used until your child weighs 22 pounds. The carrier is made from strong 100% cotton and has no formaldehyde. It is machine washable but should be washed separately in warm water. You can also purchase leg straps for babies under eight pounds.

Another baby carrier that is becoming a very popular item among most parents today is the Native Baby Carriers. Not only for the health benefits that you child will receive but for the convenience. It easily slips over one shoulder and the opposite hip. The carrier can be folded to fit in your purse or diaper bag when you are not using it. You will be able to carry your child in front, back, or even on your side giving you more positions to choose from than most carriers.

 Even the nursing baby will be able to nurse in a more private way, giving you the confidence to nurse discreetly. This carrier is made from 100% organic cotton fabrics and has no type of buckles or metal rings. The different sizes you can choose from are extra small to 2X, just under 29 inches to 45- 50 inches. You also have color options of black or natural.

Some baby carriers are the type where you have a handle and they are made similar to car seats. The carriers mentioned above are hands free carriers. With hands free carriers you will be able to shop, hold another child’s hand or even pick flowers. Your baby is right there with you and is comfortable and safe.

Child  are a great tool to get your toddler quickly and safely from A - B. We found a few shops that carry a good price/quality equation Click Here for details

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