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Angel Bedding

Angel Bedding can be described as some of the prettiest bedding you can find for your little one. There are several manufacturers that have their own unique line of Angel bedding that you will absolutely love using to decorate your baby’s room.

Angel bedding by Stefano is very beautiful and will enhance your nursery with unique pastel colors and designs. You can purchase all of these wonderful bedding accessories separately or in a complete 4 piece crib bedding set. You can choose from blue, pink, or yellow according to the décor of the room. In the set you will receive a crib quilt, bumper pad, crib shirt, and flat sheet. All of the Angel bedding by Stefano is made with 100 percent Egyptian cotton matelasse and is created and designed in Italy. The complete set can be found online for around $640.

You can also purchase each item individually if you do not wish to purchase the set. The cost of the angel crib quilt is $145, the bumper pad is $295, the crib skirt is $135, and the flat sheets are $75. You can also purchase other accessories such as fitted crib sheets for around $65 and matching angel receiving blankets for $155.

Your baby will sleeping very peacefully with the complete matching set of angel bedding with the floating angels protecting them while they are in slumber land.

If you have a round crib you will find that Little angel round crib bedding is very elegant and unique. This exquisite little angel crib bedding is made with tufted eyelet ruffled details with a colored ribbon woven through the beautiful embroidered carnations. You can choose from pink, lavender, white, mint, yellow or blue ribbon to weave between the unique carnations. Your baby will sleep in a crib dressed fit for a prince or princess. The complete set comes with sheet, dust ruffle, coverlet, bumper guard, and drapery with tie backs and all items are made with 65% cotton and 35% polyester. The complete set can be found online for around $300.

All angel bedding is unique no mater which manufacturer creates the design. Some may have floating angels, Victorian angels, or baby angels. Each one will compliment the beauty of your nursery and ensure your baby is sleeping comfortably.

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