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Wicker Bassinet




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Wicker Bassinet

A wicker bassinet is a very beautiful baby furniture item that also provides a very comfortable place for your little one to sleep. Bassinets are great for carry from room to room so you will always have your newborn near. Research has shown that newborns need love and security and when they are in the same room with you they can hear your voice and know that are close. This will help them grow with the security and love that they deserve.

You can find a wicker bassinet at many retail stores or online. This unique baby furniture item has never gone out of style and matches any décor or style with elegance.

Most wicker bassinets are hand woven and usually have a handle where you easily carry them from room to room. Many have legs that are able to fold so you can also transport them in the trunk of your car. The frames are usually made from rattan which is very sturdy. They also have easy glide casters so you can roll them from place to place instead of carrying. This is a wonderful feature if your little one is sleeping. The mattress is usually supported by a built in plywood board. You can usually find a wonderful wicker bassinet in either natural or white.

Another great feature of a wicker bassinet is the hood. This is great for taking your baby outside. You can work in your flower garden and still have your baby right there with you. The hood will protect them from direct sunlight that can be harmful to their sensitive skin.

A wicker bassinet can be dressed up with many accessories such as skirts and veils to make the bassinet more personal. With all the accessories that are available you will never run out of ways to decorate your child’s room.

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