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Baby Cribs

Everything in the nursery centers on baby cribs. Choosing the perfect baby crib is the most important item you will purchase for your child’s nursery.

You can choose from simple designed baby cribs that have very few options to elaborate cribs with several features. A standard crib can come in many different styles and colors and will look wonderful in any nursery. Even standard cribs will have a drop down side and adjustable mattress heights and most even have wheels. You will be able to find other features such as locks for the wheels, 2, 3 or 4 positions for the mattress, and easy to use hand or knee release sides. You will have to decide which of these options or features are important for you.

Convertible baby cribs are wonderful for an investment in your child’s bedroom. The convertible crib is designed to grow with your child. Some can convert to either a day bed or toddler bed. Then you would not have to purchase another bed for your child until they reach around first grade. Other convertible baby cribs can covert after the toddler or day bed into a full size bed. This is great because you may never have to purchase another bed for you child at all. Just buy the full size mattress when they are ready to move up.

Baby cribs can be made with all types of woods and finishes. When choosing a finish, make sure the rest of the accessories you want to use will look great with the color of the crib. You can make the room look as elegant or as simple as you wish.

Baby cribs can also be made from iron, which is usually handcrafted. These are very unique cribs and can bring the nursery to life. Other options for handcrafted baby cribs would be the Amish baby furniture or even hand painted baby furniture. Any of these cribs would become a family heirloom that you child would cherish for a long time to come.

So, you see, you have several options when picking out your baby cribs. Many retail shops sell baby cribs that are very beautiful and affordable. You can even find some wonderful cribs at a baby specialty shop or even online.

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