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Wooden Baby Cribs

Today, wooden baby cribs are becoming very popular again. They come in an array of colors and styles that will enhance your nursery and give it a personality of its own. Most baby cribs today are created with hard wood or veneer. The hard wood that is used to create these wonderful cribs makes them more durable and long lasting.

Wooden baby cribs can be found that are hand painted and designed in many different styles from canopy to a Victorian design. Many designers are now creating some of the most beautiful wooden baby cribs you can find. Some have animals, stars, or even angels carved into the crib or onto of the canopy railings to watch over your baby while he sleeps.

The wooden baby cribs are manufactured by many names that you know and trust and do not have to be expensive. Angel Line, DaVinci along with many others that you can find in your local retail or online store produces some very beautiful wooden baby cribs that are just as precious and beautiful as the high dollar designer cribs.

The DaVinci Anastasia Crib with Drawer is a wooden baby crib that is created with all pine. It is an elegant sleigh style with decorative legs and is available in four finishes natural, oak, cherry, and snowflake white. The three level mattress spring system will help you adjust the mattress as your baby grows. The drop down side is easy to use with you knee as the release and can be raised to position with one hand. It also comes with a 2 compartment drawer that fits very nicely under the crib. This is a very stylish and beautiful crib that you will absolutely love for your sleeping baby to get a quiets nights rest. You can find this wonderful wooden crib for around $330.

Jenny Lind Baby Crib by Angel Line Item is another example of a unique and beautiful wooden baby crib. It is made of a Solid Ramin Hardwood with a non-toxic finish. You can choose from natural, oak, cherry, maple and white for your finish. The beautiful designed spindles are on each side of the crib with a single drop side that has a heavy duty stabilizer bar. The price of this beautiful crib is around $130.

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