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Baby High Top Shoes

It used to be that most baby shoes were stiff and had high tops. It was believed that babies' ankles were not strong enough to support them when they started to walk. Baby high top shoes were the norm for all baby shoes up until about 10 or 15 years ago.

Several studies have shown that babies do not need any support for their ankles when they are learning to walk. Their ankles are naturally strong and able to support the weight of the baby. It is now believed that the best footwear for toddlers is no footwear! Shoes are needed, however, to protect the feet from the cold and from dirty surfaces.

Nowadays, footwear for babies tends to be soft and flexible, with leather being a popular material for booties. Leather has many qualities that make it suitable for baby shoes -- it is comfortable, allows the foot to breathe, and provides a nonslip sole for walking on surfaces like ceramic tiles and marble.

Soft leather shoes can have high tops, especially for winter wear. For these types of shoes, the high top does not restrict movement of the ankle the weighted stiff shoes did. Usually, though, most shoes for babies are made in a low top design. They allow free movement of the ankle and foot.

It is important to buy the correct size when shopping for shoes for your baby. Whether the shoes have high tops or low tops, be sure to find a pair which has enough space between the toes in the end of the shoe. Footwear for baby is available in a variety of sizes, allowing you to choose shoes which have room for your baby's feet to grow.

When your baby is older and more active, you may want to buy shoes which have more support and protection. Starting at about the age of two, toddlers can be fitted with running shoes which are good match for their activity level.

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