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Baby Shoes to Sew

Here is a gift idea for a newborn baby if you are handy with needle and thread. How about a pair of baby shoes to sew? It's not as complicated as it sounds, as baby shoes can be easier to sew that many other clothing items.

If you have experience sewing, you have probably made plenty of dresses and other clothing for children. Baby shoes are certainly no more difficult than dresses or skirts, and in a few hours time you can have some quality baby shoes to give as gifts.

Baby shoes can be made out of cotton or soft leather. Infants do not need hard shoes until they are passed the age of two years old. Cotton or leather shoes allow the feet of the toddler to flex naturally, giving him or her the maximum stability when learning to walk.

Up until one year of age, the only reason an infant needs shoes is to protect his or her feet from the cold and from dirty surfaces. baby products guide home sewn shoes are perfect for this kind of protection, and are much more economical than store-bought shoes. The added personal touches that you can give to a pair of hand-sewn shoes contribute to the quality and will make the shoes a treasured keepsake.

By the time a toddler starts to walk, he or she still does not need stiff shoes. Experts agree that babies do not need shoes for supporting their feet or ankles. Soft shoes are worn simply to provide protection to the feet from cold and dirt. Soft leather shoes are commercially available for toddlers, but if you can sew, you can easily make your own.

The most important thing is to buy suitable leather. It needs to be soft and free from any kind of chemical additives that could irritate the skin of the boy or girl. Both parents and kids will appreciate these kinds of gifts. Handmade items are more personal and often have a higher quality than store-bought goods.

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