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Baby Walking Shoes

As soon as your baby starts taking his first few steps, you should start thinking about buying baby walking shoes. Walking shoes give support to your baby's feet as well as providing protection. Although baby needs to learn how to walk with bare feet, shoes are necessary on dirty or cold floors.

Walking shoes for baby need to be flexible and soft to allow the feet to provide balance. The soles need to be nonslip and not too thick or else baby will trip over them. Some baby shoes have high tops, but these are not necessary to support the ankle and may hinder the natural movement of the feet.

Baby shoes should be made of a natural material such as leather or cotton to allow baby's feet to breathe. Babies are very active and their feet will perspire a lot in the course of their daily activities. Plastic or vinyl shoes should be avoided unless they are the open weave type.

When you take your baby to the shoe store to try on walking shoes, try to go in the late afternoon. Baby's feet, just like adults, tend to swell during the day, so by fitting baby's shoes at a time when his feet are the largest will prevent unnecessary restrictions.

Let your baby try on a pair of walking shoes in the store and leave them on for five or 10 minutes. After this time, check to see if the shoes are irritating his or her feet. If there are any red spots, try different pair of shoes until you find a pair that are comfortable for your baby.

Plan on buying a new pair of shoes for your baby every three to six months. Your baby is growing fast and properly fitted shoes are necessary to avoid future foot problems.

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