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Bronze Baby Shoes

Nothing preserves the memory of childhood better than bronze baby shoes. Bronzing your baby’s shoes preserves them for generations to come and is a great keepsake that you can pass on to your children when they are grown up.

Many people like to bronze the first pair of shoes that their baby has. It is a reminder of how quickly children grow and how small they used to be. Baby shoes which have been bronzed can be a centerpiece in your collection of mementos about your child’s development.

There are many businesses which specialize in bronzing baby shoes. There are many steps in the process of bronzing. First the shoes are sealed and stiffened and positioned according to the customer’s requirements.

Once the baby shoes have been shaped, they are allowed to dry and then coated with a conductive material which allows them to be electroplated. They are then placed in the electroplating tank for a couple of hours until they thickly bronzed.

After they have been bronzed, they are polished and finished. They will often be coated with a lacquer spray to prevent them from tarnishing. Lacquered bronzed baby shoes should never be polished - the polishing can remove the protective lacquer coating.

Finally, the bronzed baby shoes are mounted according to your specifications. The amount of time taken for bronzing baby shoes is about six to eight weeks, after which you will have a enduring keepsake that will last for generations.

We all have special memories of our baby growing up, and having a pair of bronzed baby shoes helps us to recall those memories. By having some information about the bronzing process you can make a good selection when choosing a company to bronze this valuable keepsake.

Bronzed baby shoes make a fabulous gift. Both grandparents and parents appreciate the lasting memento of baby shoes which have been bronzed.

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