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Bronzed Baby Shoes




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Bronzed Baby Shoes

Anyone wanting a memorable keepsake of their baby's first years will love bronzed baby shoes. They will last for generations as a reminder of those precious times when their child was taking his or her first steps. There are many stores that specialize in this service, so here is some information about bronzing baby shoes that will allow you to make a good choice when selecting a store.

The first step in bronzing baby shoes is to seal them using a liquid sealer. While the shoes are still wet from the sealing liquid, they are shaped to give them a natural appearance. The sealing liquid also stiffens the shoes to prepare them for bronzing.

Next they have to be prepared for electroplating by immersing them in another liquid. This makes the shoes conductive, which is the secret behind the electroplating process.

Once the conductive liquid has dried, the shoes are placed in an electroplating vat for about three or four hours until they get a thick coating of bronze. They are then removed from the vat and buffed and polished.

Many bronzing stores apply a lacquer finish to the bronzed shoes to protect them against tarnishing. Be sure to find out whether your baby shoes have been lacquered or not. This information will let you know whether you should polish the bronzed shoes or not. Lacquered shoes do not have to be polished; in fact polishing will remove the protective layer.

You have the option of mounting the bronzed shoes on a plaque or base. Some people prefer unmounted shoes but mounted shoes are the most common.

Bronzed baby shoes make a good gift for parents or grandparents as a reminder of when their children or grandchildren were tiny babies. They are mementos that will be appreciated for years to come.


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