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Soft Leather Baby Shoes




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Soft Leather Baby Shoes

One of the best materials for baby booties is leather. Soft leather baby shoes gives your baby's feet the flexibility needed for developing bones. Leather provides the maximum comfort possible because of its soft texture.

When buying shoes for your baby you're likely to see a broad selection of booties. Remember that natural materials such as leather and cotton allow the feet to "breathe" -- leading moisture escape so that the feet are always comfortable. Leather is softer than cotton, especially for shoes, and leather booties are the best you can buy for your baby.

You want your baby's shoes to be flexible so that they don't restrict his or her feet when your baby starts to walk. Babies first learn to walk in their bare feet, but they need shoes to protect their feet from unsanitary and cold surfaces. Soft leather provides the necessary protection for your baby's feet without inhibiting the natural movement of the foot.

Both the soles and the uppers of your baby's shoes can be made from leather. Leather soles are perfect for baby shoes because they don't slip, even on smooth surfaces such as ceramic tile. Leather soles are some of the safest soles you can have for baby booties.

When choosing a pair of shoes for your baby, make sure to buy a size that is big enough. They should be enough space in the shoe to allow the foot to grow for at least a couple of months. Since babies grow so fast, they need a bigger size every three to six months. As a general guide, leave a thumbs width between the toes in the end of the shoes.

It's very important not to let your baby wear shoes which are too small. Adult foot problems such as bunions and corns can be traced to improperly fitted shoes during childhood.

For the best fit, you can get custom-made baby shoes, but these are very expensive. Most babies can easily wear factory made shoes. No matter which type of shoes you buy, pay attention to the quality of construction. Make sure the leather is soft and of good quality and that the stitching is consistent and even.


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