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Generation Next Baby Furniture

Generation next baby furniture produces convertible hard wood baby furniture that is of top grade. It has adjustable mattress settings that are lower than most cribs on today’s market which is great for taller children. To lower the sides it does take two hands, but this can be a benefit as you do not have to worry about your child being able to lower the side and fall the crib.

Generation next baby furniture is created with the sleigh bed design and are very beautiful. You can choose from four different finishes that will enhance the entire atmosphere of your baby’s nursery. The finishes you can choose from include Amber, Honey, Cherry, and Antique.

Other furniture that you can purchase that match the crib include armoire, 3 & 7 drawer dressers, changing table, plus some other wonderful furniture accessories. Creating a complete nursery with matching baby furniture is not hard at all if you make your first stop with Generation Next baby furniture.

The magnificent design of the sleigh style will give your baby’s room the aura of a prince or princess. Most of the cribs measure around 54 ½ inches wide by 37 inches deep and 43 inches high. This crib does not fit completely flush against the wall because of its design, but will look beautiful away from the wall and will also allow to peek in on baby from both sides.

Assembly of the Next Generation crib is very simple and should not take longer than 30 minutes. The only tools you need include a screwdriver and an allen wrench.

One great feature of the Next Generation crib is that it converts from a crib into a toddler bed and then into a double bed. The conversion is pretty simple and all hardware needed is included with the purchase of the crib. This type of crib also saves you money.

You will not have to purchase a toddler bed and then another bed as your child gets older. You will only have to change the décor and covert the bed and you are ready for the next stage in your child’s life.

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