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Baby Bjorn Potty

Your little one will find like a big boy or girl when they start using the Baby Bjorn Potty chairs.

There are three different chairs to choose from in the Baby Bjorn Potty line. The little potty, the Baby Bjorn Chair 1-760 and the splash proof potty chair.

The Baby Bjorn Potty “little potty” is great for when your toddler is ready to start potty training. It stands firmly on the floor and is small enough for little ones to sit on the potty chair with out having to climb up to reach. The chair is very comfortable made with durable PVC free and recyclable plastic. The little potty is very sanitary and easy to keep clean.

As your toddler grows a bit, the Baby Bjorn Potty 1-760 is wonderful for the taller tots that are big enough not to use the little potty but are still too small to reach the adult potty. Your toddler can put his feet firmly on the floor and sit comfortable which will help them learn to use the potty and become a big kid. When your toddler stands up the potty chair will stay firmly on the floor and not tip over and spill. This potty chair is very easy to clean. This is a great potty chair for toddlers with a sturdy back rest and arm rests for you toddler to be more comfortable learning to adjust to using the potty. You can choose from red, snow white, pink, and ocean blue.

For boys the Baby Bjorn Potty “Splash Proof” will be a favorite for you little boy. He will learn that he is a big boy and can use the potty all by himself. The splash guard is curved and angled keeping all splashes inside where they belong and not all over your floor. It has all the same features as the 1-760 and is made with the same durable, PVC free and recyclable plastic.

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