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The world we live in today is much different from that of our grandparents. We are exposed to thousands of man-made chemicals that were not in existence even 50 years ago. Although the government monitors which chemicals can be used in food and cosmetics, it is impossible to predict how our bodies will react in the long run. Babies and small children are even more vulnerable to the adverse effects of chemicals in the environment. Natural baby products are free from many of these chemicals and give your child a boost during those critical early years.

Many natural baby products are made the old-fashioned way. They use natural materials and are manufactured in traditional ways. Companies that produce natural baby products are often small family-run businesses. They are dedicated to their natural products and stand behind everything they make.

One of the most popular natural baby products is the cotton diaper. After decades of extensive disposable diaper use, parents these days are turning in droves to natural cotton diapers. Not only are they better for the environment, cotton diapers are good for baby’s skin. They don't trap in moisture the way that disposable diapers do. A baby using natural cotton diapers is less likely to suffer from diaper rash.

Soaps and shampoos are also popular natural baby products. The number of chemicals used in regular soap is shocking. Natural baby soap is made from simple ingredients and contains natural moisturizing glycerine. It is gentle for baby’s skin and will not cause any irritation.

Natural baby products also include clothing. 100% cotton is an ideal material for babies. It is soft and gentle against baby's skin and looks great. Synthetic fabrics tend to trap moisture and don't “breathe”. This can irritate the skin and cause rashes and other problems.

Stores that sell natural baby products carry a good selection of toys as well as clothing and soaps. Natural baby toys are usually made of wood and are colored with non-toxic dyes and paints that are safe for baby and attractive to the eye. These toys are often traditional designs that have entertained children for hundreds of years.

Natural baby products give your child protection against undue exposure to dangerous chemicals. Because of their small size, children are more vulnerable to the toxic effects of chemicals. Natural baby products give them the best chance of thriving in this modern toxic world.

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