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Piccolo Bambino Baby Products - 100% Natural

Cotton is one of the best materials for using on babyís skin. It is a soft, non-irritating natural material that looks great and provides the best care for sensitive baby skin. Piccolo Bambino baby products are made of 100% pure cotton and are colour coordinated to perfectly suit any baby.

Piccolo Bambino baby products are perfect for newborns. They have such items as receiving blankets and mittens that are a necessity for every small baby. The receiving blankets come in both 3-packs and 5-packs and are made from brushed cotton flannel. They come in various designs that are suitable for baby and feature baby chicks, flowers and check designs.

Piccolo Bambino receiving blankets are soft and comfortable and give baby a sense of security even when mother is not near. These Piccolo Bambino baby products are easy to care for and can be washed in the cold water cycle of your washing machine.

Piccolo Bambino baby mittens are perfect for newborn babies. They are soft and easy to put on babyís hands. They keep baby warm and prevent baby from scratching his or herself. These mittens have an elastic wrist band to keep them in place without being too tight. As with all Piccolo Bambino baby products, these mittens are machine washable in cold water.

Other popular Piccolo Bambino baby products are the cotton chenille blankets. These are available in blue, pink or yellow and are made from soft 100% cotton. These blankets are the perfect size for babies and are comfortable and cushiony against babyís skin. These blankets are machine washable and make a perfect gift for babies.

All Piccolo Bambino baby products are perfect for gift-giving and make ideal shower presents. Their soft pastel colours are soothing to the eye while the gentle texture is safe and non-irritating against babyís skin. For your own (or a friendís) new baby, Piccolo Bambino baby products are just the ticket!

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