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Tupelo baby toys

If you want to find unique toys that you can’t buy at the retail store, then you should look at Tupelo baby toys. These are some of the most adorable toys I have seen and offer your baby a world of learning as they also play.

The Baby Photo Play-Quilt by Tupelo Baby Toys is the largest baby mat you will find on the market today and it is also one of the most unique. This mat has cute adorable baby photos printed on the surface and a bolstered edge with crinkle paper that will warn you if your baby starts to crawl beyond the mat. The features of this beautiful mat include an electronic baby giggle sound, a large mirror, a peek-a-boo flap, photo holder so you can add other photos and a vinyl zippered bag with handle so you can take the mat with you where ever you go. This is the perfect gift for newborn and up and costs around $40.

If you really want a different type of playmate then the Newspaper Crinkle Mat

by Tupelo Baby Toys is for you. Your baby will hear a crinkle sound similar to the Sunday paper as he rolls and crawls around on this awesome mat. Features of this mat include two links to attach your baby’s favorite toys, a squeaker and page flap, water resistant and is 100 percent machine washable. You can find this delightful mat for around $20.

All babies love rattles and the Rocking Pony Rattle by Tupelo Baby Toys is no different. It will become your baby’s favorite rattle. This awesome rattle will help to develop motor skills, teach action and reaction. You can find in online for around $6.

As you can see you can find some really unique Tupelo Baby toys that your baby will enjoy playing with from sun up to sun down.

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