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Unique Baby Toys

There are many unique baby toys on the market today that will keep your little one not only entertained but he will be learning at the same time. Baby Einstein has some of the most adorable and unique baby toys that will give your baby many hours of discovery and also help them develop many basic skills.

The baby Einstein Developmental gift set is the group of unique baby toys because it is a complete set of four terrific toys that your baby will be sure to enjoy. It comes complete with the soft caterpillar teether that is filled with cooling water. It has different textures and is vividly colored animated caterpillar character for the handle. The musical ring teether is a soft ring that has three musical instruments created with soft flexible material that is great for teething. When your little one squeezes on the plush puppy he will hear Beethoven’s 5th symphony. The jungle activity ring will easily attach to strollers, car seat, and even the high chair for a bring along teether that your baby will love. The traveling discovery cards are just as much fun for your little one to use as a teether. This is the perfect gift set for babies from birth to 6 months and can be found online for around $18.00.

Other unique baby toys are the blankets or rugs with several different toys attached that your baby can explore while playing on the floor. You can find these unique baby toys at many retail stores and online. Many of these have cute and cuddly animals attached that squeak, padded doors that can open with surprises behind them, and even mirrors so your baby can see himself.

There are many bath tub unique baby toys that will give your baby a great time during their bath as well. All you have to do is look around the baby department or online at various baby toy websites to find all the unique baby toys that are on the market today.

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