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Macpac Possum - Backpack Baby Carriers From New Zealand
Macpac is a New Zealand company that makes excellent quality backpack baby carriers.

Kelty - Backpack Carriers of Outstanding Quality - Fun Outdoors
Kelty is an innovative company that is a specialist in aluminum frame backpacks and carriers. This allows for a very good weight distribution of the carrier on your shoulders.

Deuter - Take your baby with you on your hiking trip
Deuter is a German factory of Hiking Gear. The now also have a wonderful line of baby carriers that allow you to take you child with you while hiking.

Sherpani - Carriers for Backcountry use

Premaxx - Sling Like Baby and Child Carriers
Premaxx sling carriers are modeled so that the straps go over the shoulder.

 Instep Baby Carriers
Instep came up with a wonderful combination, a stroller and a carrier.

 WaterTot Baby Carrier
This is the way to keep a grip on your baby while swimming. That's great there is nothing more frightening then loosing grip of your baby in the water.

Lafuma - Hiking Baby Carriers
This well-known manufacturer of outdoor hiking equipment also has a fantastic line of back pack baby carriers

Sling or Front Infant Carriers
Yes that's the question. In fact it depends on the child's weight and age and your own preferences

Different Types of Baby Slings
There are a lot of different types of baby slings out there. Here you can read about their differences

Infant Bike Carriers
After the birth of their baby a lot of mothers want to get back in shape. A Bike Carrier is one of the possibilities

Baby Bjorn Products and Carriers
Baby Bjorn has a huge baby product line, still the company is most famous for their baby carriers

Child Carriers
Child Carriers are in fact an old idea put into a modern form.

Baby Sling Carriers
Baby Sling Carriers are known since ancient times, but they are back!

Baby Bassinet Carrier
Lighten your load with a multipurpose baby Bassinet carrier, there are many styles and types to select from and each offers

Premaxx Baby Sling
Premaxx Baby Sling is the perfect way to carry your baby from birth to around 18 months or 35 pounds.

Bundle Me
If you are like most parents, you have a hard time putting all those extra coats and blankets on your baby just to take a trip down to the store.

Rebozo Baby Slings
The Rebozo baby sling is perfect for babies through the toddler ages. There are many different carrying positions that make this baby sling awesome.

Nano Bag
The Nano bag was created by a mother just like you. She is like you; she wanted a way to keep her baby warm and comfortable without

JJ Cole bundle me
The JJ Cole Bundle Me is the most unique bunting around. This is a wonderful innovative concept that makes coats, jackets and blankets unnecessary when

Nojo Baby Sling
The Nojo baby sling will give your baby the comfort and secure feeling while both of your hands are free to shop. This is a very convenient way to carry your baby.

Maya Wrap Baby Sling
The unique design of the Maya Wrap baby sling will allow any person to use it and be comfortable.

Little Star Baby Slings
The Little Star baby sling will also bring a closer bond to you and your infant and if the dad chooses to also use this sling, he will also experience a very close bonding

Why should you choose a baby sling over conventional infant carriers?
Not only do baby slings give you a wonderful way to carry your child but they are also beneficial for a healthy and happy baby.

Baby Bjorn Carrier
Babies ride free! If you own a Baby Bjorn Carrier, you’ll be happy to tote around your little cherub. There are two models available: Original and Active.

Evenflo Baby Frame Carriers
Are you an avid outdoorsman? There’s no need to curb your outings when your new family member arrives.

Ergo Baby Carrier
Baby Carriers can be a perfect solution when you love walking. Ergo Baby Carriers is one of the great products in this category....

Baby Backpack Carriers
Backpack baby carriers often have frames that make them tough and durable for the rigors of the wild. Some come with “roofs” to keep the little one dry during an unexpected rainstorm,......

Native Baby Carriers are a comfortable loving way to transport your infant.
Not only do Native Baby carriers give you a wonderful way to carry your child but they are also beneficial for a healthy and happy baby......

Best Baby Slings
Having a new baby join the family is a memorable moment. Relatives and friends bring gifts to the newborn, and offer congratulations to the new parents.

Baby Bjorn Recall
A recall on around 49,000 Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Active was announced on September 14th, 2004. The hazard with this carrier was that the support buckle can possibly detach from the shoulder straps,........

Baby Bjorn Active Carriers
The Baby Bjorn Active Carrier has a wonderful back and shoulder support for both you and your baby. This will give you more enjoyment as you are trekking over the countryside.......

Baby Bjorn Carrier
The Baby Bjorn Carrier was developed by a team of parents and leading medical experts. This wonderful carrier has a unique style that has given this carrier the award of “Winner of Silver Award, Design of the Decade, IDSA, 1999, USA as one of the best 36 products of the decade.”......

Baby Bjorn XL Straps
These extra large Baby Bjorn XL straps are great for parents where one parent is smaller than the other. The smaller parent can use the standard straps and the other parent can add the interchangeable Baby Bjorn XL Straps.....

Baby Bjorn Gingham Infant Carriers
The Baby Bjorn Gingham is a very beautiful infant carrier with black interior and gingham checks on the piping.

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