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Rochelle High Chairs
Rochelle is manufacturer of sturdy American high chairs made of first class hardwood......

Me Too High Chairs
Portable High Chairs are very convenient when you dine with friend, in a restaurant or while traveling. Me Too is one of the top brands.....

Kid’s Tables and Chairs
Good Kits Tables and Chairs are important. Don't take this issue too lightly.....

 Graco Baby Products and High Chairs
Graco supplies really top notch products, and if there ever is a problem their customer support is beyond criticism.....

Koala - High Chairs
Koala makes high chairs which are primarily intended for commercial restaurant use. They are built to withstand a high level of abuse and come with a five-year guarantee.

Kettler Baby Products and Toys
Kettler is a well-known manufacturer of sporting goods and leisure furniture. This German company also specializes in children's toys and furniture.

Edidie Bauer High Chairs
heir largest line of children's products is car seats but they also have a few wooden seats for use inside the home......

Bumbo - Innovative Seats
It is not a replacement for a highchair like the ones made by Svan or Baby Bjorn. Instead, it is designed to be used on the floor and give baby the support while developing her muscle control to stand up on her own.

Argington - Great Furniture and High Chairs
Argington makes some of the most distinctive children’s furniture around......

Angel Linen High Chairs
Now we are talking quality. The Angel Line is really top notch.

Wooden High Chairs
Wood looks great. Its natural and many parents like that quality look much more then the "plastic look" that sometimes can seem a bit "cheapish"

Svan Highchair
This quality chair is from Swedish origin, and has a great feature..it is adjustable.

Graco Neat Seat High Chair
Graco is manufacturer of the top products on the "baby product" market. Affordable quality. With Graco and the other known companies you know you are buying quality.

Booster High Chair
Not merely a portable High Chair, but very convenient when you are going out to dinner with friend or in a restaurant.

Baby High Chair
A High Chair is a necessity when you want to eat and play with your little one is some comfort.

Cosco baby furniture
Cosco baby furniture has just everything you need for your child’s nursery. They manufacture cribs, highchairs, strollers, and even toddler beds.......

Bassett baby furniture
When you hear Bassett baby furniture you think of quality, durability and unique designs. Bassett creates some of the best baby furniture you can buy today......

Peg Perego High Chair
The Peg Perego High Chair – the Prima Pappa has vinyl upholstery that is easy to clean up after each meal or snack......

Chicco Mama High Chairs - A Good Choice
The Chicco Mama high chair is a chair that both baby and parent will enjoy. This chair is easy to use and has many convenient features......

Eddie Bauer High Chairs
There are a lot of high chairs on the market today and each has their merits....

Fisher Price High Chairs - A trusted name
Fisher Price is a trusted name when it comes to baby care. With a full line of baby products including swings, potties, bouncers, monitors and toys, Fisher Price has just about everything you need for baby.....

Graco High Chairs for Quality and Convenience
Graco is well-known for their quality baby products, so it’s no surprise that they carry an impressive line of high chairs......

Peg Perego Prima Pappa High Chairs – Italian Styling and Quality
The Prima Pappa high chair from Peg Perego has several innovative features that make it one of the most popular high chairs on the market today......

A Wooden Baby High Chairs – A Stylish Alternative
After years of supremacy, plastic baby high chairs are finally giving way to wooden baby high chairs. Not that plastic is bad or has drawbacks ......

Cosco High Chairs - Perhaps not such a good Idea
Here’s something to consider before laying down your money. The Cosco Options 5 High Chair was recalled in 2000 for having several defects which made them dangerous for children.......

The Zooper High Chairs – Great Looking and Functional!
You have got to love the name Zooper! It brings to mind fun and color which is exactly what the Zooper line of baby products gives you.....

Booster High Chair

Amish Baby High Chairs - Attractive and Practical
You can get Amish baby high chairs in a variety of finishes. To the finish that matches your dining room furniture.......

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